New Graphics Kit: Kawasaki 800SXR RR2 Design

Kawasaki 800 SXR Graphic Kit - RR2 Design

Is your Kawasaki 800 SXR looking a bit plain, worn out, or old? Well, then IPD Graphics has the solution for your jet ski woes. Check out the new Kawasaki 800 SXR RR2 Design, which was created with the edgiest racer in mind. This new Kawasaki jet ski graphic kit was designed to contrast the smooth lines of the 800 SXR and with dramatically sharp angles and edges.

All of our jet ski decal kits are customizable and made to order. With our endless color combinations, racer name and number add-ons, jet ski number plate kits, and identification plate options you have the chance to make your ride as unique as you. Stop racing those stock paint jobs and forget about imitator graphic companies. IPD Graphics is the only place to get high-quality race-inspired, performance driven personal watercraft graphics. Check us out.

See details and pricing for this kit: [GK-RR2-SXR]

New Graphics Kit: Kawasaki 800 SXR X4 Phantom Design

Kawasaki 800 SXR X4 Phantom Design Graphics Kit

IPD is proud to announce the newest addition to the Kawasaki 800 SXR line of graphic kits- the X4 SXR Phantom Design. This newly design jet ski graphics kit is slick and guaranteed to impress any racer, and is perfect for the upcoming race season. Our talented designers have created this kit with a high-quality splatter texture that will give any jet ski a stylish and unique touch. This jet ski decal kit features clean, sharp lines that will be sure to turn heads and make any rider look good.

We are extremely excited to see this new Kawasaki 800 SXR jet ski decals kit on the water and at the races this summer. Be sure to check out the new X4 Phantom graphics kit, browse our gallery, and pick up a new graphics kit for your jet ski.

See details and pricing for this kit: GK-X4-SXR