New Graphics Kit: Kawasaki 800SXR EF Design

Kawasaki 800SXR Graphic Kit - EF Design

IPD Graphics promised our customers new jet ski graphics kits for the Fall, and we are extremely excited to announce the first new jet ski decal for our Fall line. After hours of design work and input from top industry riders we have created the GK-EF-SXR. This new Kawasaki 800SXR jet ski graphic kit will give your ski a high quality, professional look. The kit was design for pro racers Rob Flores and Brian Edwards for their 2011 race boats and looks great on both light and dark colored hulls!

The EF design perfectly reflects the high energy and edgy feel that IPD Graphics stands for. This kit allows customers to show off their style by having a colored number plate and areas to place their favorite logos. This kit was designed to get you noticed by incorporating more color than any other kit we have available. Our EF design for the Kawasaki 800SXR has the most surface area coverage of any of our graphics kits. So if you have a 800SXR thats a beat up or ragged, this is the kit for you.

As always, our jet ski graphics kits are 100% customizable and made to order. Feel free to use our submission forms online to request a picture sample of how one of our kits would look on your ski. IPD Graphics prides ourselves on superior customer service, so if you have a question dont hesitate to give us a ring.

See Details and Pricing for this Kit: GK-EF-SXR

New Graphics Kit: Mike Klippenstein Design for the S4 Hydrospace

S4 Hydrospace Jet Ski Graphic Kit - KLP Design

IPD Graphics is determined to provide our customers and fans with the best in jet ski graphics kits, so when World Champion Mike Klippenstein came to us to design the graphic kits for his Jet Ski World Finals Hydrospace race fleet we happily obliged. This S4 Hydrospace jet ski decal kit is both flashy and fast. Designed with dramatic angles and fading stars this kit is perfect for fans and future World Champions alike.

This kit is fully customizable. Choose your number plate color, race number color, and accent shades for a personalized look and feel. All of our jet ski graphics kits are made to order, and our representatives are here to help you with your choices online, and by phone. Doesn’t your Hydrospace deserve to be upgraded and look good. Well, nows the time! IPD graphics is the number one jet ski graphic kit company in the industry. With our passion for the sport and dedication to cusotmer service, why would you go anywhere else.

See Details and Pricing for this Kit: GK-KLP-S4

New Graphics Kit: Kawasaki 800SXR RR2 Design

Kawasaki 800 SXR Graphic Kit - RR2 Design

Is your Kawasaki 800 SXR looking a bit plain, worn out, or old? Well, then IPD Graphics has the solution for your jet ski woes. Check out the new Kawasaki 800 SXR RR2 Design, which was created with the edgiest racer in mind. This new Kawasaki jet ski graphic kit was designed to contrast the smooth lines of the 800 SXR and with dramatically sharp angles and edges.

All of our jet ski decal kits are customizable and made to order. With our endless color combinations, racer name and number add-ons, jet ski number plate kits, and identification plate options you have the chance to make your ride as unique as you. Stop racing those stock paint jobs and forget about imitator graphic companies. IPD Graphics is the only place to get high-quality race-inspired, performance driven personal watercraft graphics. Check us out.

See details and pricing for this kit: [GK-RR2-SXR]

New Accessory: Personalized Racer ID Plates

Get your ski, race equipment, and crew looking race-reaedy with a new Personalized Racer ID Plate from IPD Graphics.  These new ID plates include the racer’s name, numbers, and choice of plate and accent color.  Place your racer ID plate on your jet-ski, trailer, or even your car for an instant race inspired look and feel.  Our ID plates come in 3 different sizes so that you can deck out just about any piece of equipment you may have.

You can find this new product on IPD Graphic’s new “Accesories” page! Here you will discover products that will give your personal watercraft that extra “race-ready” touch. Complete with handle pole wraps, chin pad graphics, t-shirts, and installation kits, the new “Accessories” page will have your ski looking top-of-the-line.

IPD Graphics is hard at work updating, and designing new jet ski graphic kits, accessories, parts, and model lines. We want every rider looking their best out there so we are dedicated to providing only the sharpest designs and best customer service. Be sure to check out our blog1 to stay on top of new product releases, promotions, and the latest in industry news.  Better yet, “Like Us” on Facebook to join our community and stay in the conversation.

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New Graphic Kits for the Squarenose Superjet

Its an oldie, but its still a goodie! The Yamaha Squarenose Superjet has been around for over 20 years, but it can still be seen out on the water and on the race circuit. IPD Graphics is extremely excited to announce the addition of Yamaha Squarenose Superjet graphic kits to our website! These high performance, race-inspired jet ski graphics kits are a affordable way to give your Gen 1 Yamaha Superjet a sleek new finish.

We designed these jet ski decal kits around the lines and style of the Yamaha Square-Nose Superjet to give the ski the cleanest and fastest look and feel possible. Our team of graphic designers crafted these  new graphic kits to give any Squarenose Superjet a modern and new image.

Head over to the IPD Graphics website or Facebook Fan Page to check out all the new kits and options available for all of our lines of personal watercraft graphic kits. We are constantly adding new kits, new lines, and new options so that you can personalize your ski and get it race-ready.

See details and pricing for these kits:  [Square-Nose SuperJet Kits]


New Graphics Kit: Hydrospace S4 MD2 Design


IPD Graphics has design yet another jet ski graphic kit for the HydroSpace S4, the MD2. This Hydrospace S4 decal kit was custom designed for Mike Delaire and is now available to all of our customers. Designed around the aggressive look of the Hydrospace S4, this kit was meant to be bold and loud. The MD2 design features high coverage, dramatic edges and fast angles. This kit will give any Hydrospace S4 a clean, sophisticated race feel.

Make sure you check out all of the new jet ski decal kits and custom options that IPD Graphics has to offer. We guarantee that our graphics kits will get you noticed and make your ski stand out above any competition. We are hard at work designing more stylish and high quality graphic kits for every type of personal watercraft. IPD Graphics is the only place to get high-performance, race-inspired jet ski  graphics kits! Dont settle for anything else.

See details and pricing for this kit: GK-MD2-S4


New Graphics Kit: Yamaha WaveBlaster 2 IPD Team Design


IPD Graphics is excited to announce the release of our first Yamaha WaveBlaster 2 graphics kit, the IPD Team Design. We are hard at work designing new kits and creating kits for different PWC models. We want every racer out there to look sharp out on the water, regardless of what they choose to ride.

The Yamaha WaveBlaster 2 is growing in popularity, many riders are now choosing to modify and enhance this model to perform and look fast. Let’s be honest, the original stock yellow and purple color scheme of the WaveBlaster 2 isn’t the most appealing color combination. Give your WaveBlaster 2 the high-performance look it deserves with the new IPD Team Design jet ski decal kit.

This design incorporates the most popular design aspects from all of our best selling jet ski graphic kits. This Yamaha WaveBlaster 2 decal kit features bold angles and an overall edgy design. With our vast selection of bold color choices, your ride will definitely get noticed.

See details and pricing for this kit: GK-10-WB2