The Kawasaki 440 & 550 Jet Ski is what started it all. Clayton Jacobson II is credited as the inventor of the first Jet Ski, but it's Kawasaki that turned the 440 Jet Ski into a production model and started a phenomenon. It's time to rip off those old 550 or 440 graphics and give your old-school ski a modern day look by installing one our IPD 440 or 550 graphics kits. The angular retro lines make graphics an easy install on the 440 or the 550, and these new designs are sure to bring your ski up with the times aesthetically. Our 440sx graphics and our 550sx graphics all fit the same on both. We understand that personalization is key for watercraft enthusiasts, and that's why our kits are the ultimate choice. Offering a wide array of captivating designs, you'll find the perfect look to match your unique taste.