Our IPD Racing product line was developed out of passion for our great sport, and in order to fill some obvious holes in the Jet Ski Racing industry's parts availability. We have had the opportunity to build many great race boats for some great's in the sport of Jet Ski Racing over the years, and these products usually come about in the process of building and developing these builds. All of our products are made with the best materials, tolerances, and highest quality. We are always thinking of new products to play around with, but be sure to let us know if there's some additional products you wold like to see us develop.
  • IPD Racing Rear Sponson Set for Yamaha WaveBlaster B1

  • IPD Racing Rear Exhaust Outlet for the Yamaha Waveblaster B1 Hull (Includes Stock Exhaust Block-Off)

  • IPD Racing Billet Head kit for the Yamaha 701 Engine (Girdled, w/IPD Sport Spec Race Domes)

    $399.00 Sale!
  • Billet Gas Cap for Yamaha Watercraft (Fueled by Haters)

    $59.00 Sale!
  • Billet Gas Cap for Kawasaki Jet Skis (Fueled by Haters)

    $59.00 Sale!