Watercraft Graphics Installation

Installation “Tips & Tricks” Video for your IPD Graphics Kit



Our graphics go on wet for easier installation. Simply spray the back of the graphics and the watercraft generously with application fluid, slide the graphics into the desired placement, then use a soft “non-scratch” squeegee to remove the liquid and bubbles from the newly installed piece.  When installing your jet ski decal kit, it is recommended that you are in a sealed and dry area with no breeze or dust and at temperatures above 60 degrees and below 90. Make sure that the surface of your ski is completely clean and free of dirt, grease, and oils. A hair dryer also helps to get rid of any unwanted wrinkles and helps the pieces lay down more effectively on curved surfaces. Be sure not to apply too much heat on one area, because it will melt and discolor the vinyl.

An X-acto knife or razor blade could be required, as some pieces may be slightly over-sized for ease of installation, and could require trimming. Please note, that It is usually better to install the body pieces before logos to ensure proper alignments.
Important Note: Remember to go slow and be patient, if you try to rush the installation, you will definitely get a less than desirable result.

Recommended Tools

• Application Solution, To Easily Slide Graphics in Place
• Flexible Squeegee, Free of Burs
• Squeegee Sleeve, So You Don’t Scratch the Graphics
• Graphic Seal-Pen, To Keep Your Graphics from Lifting


If you need help or have more questions about installation of IPD’s Jet Ski Graphics feel free to Contact Us.