Become an Authorized IPD Graphics Dealer


Here at IPD Graphics we are proud of our family of prescreened authorized dealers. We want to build long-term relationships with dealers that will not only represent our products well, but also have a strong long-term business plan, and also have a solid reputation of offering good service to our end customers.


The IPD Graphics line is one that is designed around passing along high profits, for minimal amount of effort by our dealers. Combine IPD’s aggresive marketing efforts and strong reputation, with dealer program features such as drop-shipping, volume discounts, and many other incentive programs, and you get one of the most aggressive money making dealer opportunities that the industry has to offer.

Higher Profits – We make very effort maintain good margins for all our dealers into all of our part numbers, and offer many incentives to product stocking distributors.
Easier Fullfilment – Fulfillment options such as our popular drop-ship program allows you to take full advantage of your business dollars by being able to offer all of our part numbers to your customers without having to carry all of them in your inventory.

High Demand – IPD Graphics has a very aggresive marketing campaign, and is well recognized within the jet ski racing community. One of the many reasons we do this to help encourage more sales to our dealers by creating more industry demand.


If you are interested in being a part of our dealer program, and you feel that your company fits our criteria’s for approval fill out the from below , and upon approval, we will gladly welcome you into our family.

If you need help or have more questions about our dealer program feel free to Contact Us.

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