• About Our Graphics


If you are looking for a more durable graphic kit that offers more design options, then our Digitally Printed Graphics are probably what you are looking for. Our digitally printed graphics offer full-digital colors prints on premium materials (see info about our materials below), then they are coated with a thick crystal-clear protective laminant for superior color-depth and optimum durability. Printed graphics can be a better option if you have never installed graphics before, since the multiple colors are printed in sections there can be far less pieces which usually makes for a much easier installation.

Ease of Installation


Our Graphics are Not Wraps!

IPD Graphics’ kits are carefully designed to utilize and accentuate the body lines of your Jet Ski and Boat, and not hide them. Wraps are not what we do, mostly because they are hard for customers to install, the seams that are required to install look terrible, and they usually end up looking cheap. Our kits do not completely cover your paint and won’t hide body damage. We recommend fixing any damage before installing our graphics for the best result. If you have any additional questions about IPD Graphics, please feel free to CONTACT US.

What Graphic Materials Do We Use?

We have been producing graphics for almost two decades, and in this time we have used and tested many graphic materials. This experience has led us to use many different brands for many different uses. For our plotter-cut kits for example, we use 5 different brands of materials to create a result that gives the best balance between installability, quality, and of course, the best look. For our printed graphics, the material that we use is manufactured by the same company that makes the material for the graphics that you see on the Factory Kawasaki, Factory KTM, and Factory Suzuki motocross/supercross race teams, along with most of the big aftermarket companies in the motocross industry. We worked directly with this company to develop print media and over laminates that work best specifically on high-performance watercraft….what works best on dirtbikes, is not what works best on watercraft. If you have any additional questions about IPD Graphics’ Materials, please feel free to CONTACT US.