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Designer: Jake Broesel
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Sea-Doo GTR GTS Graphics

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Comments: Thanks, really like the design so far. I've also done a basic composite image of the changes, I will email it(Attached), sometimes it is difficult to explain the changes, Better to see it. I really like where you have put my name.   Changes: 1. On the seat where the number goes, it is painted white, but I like how the black flows over the whole top of the ski. So that sticker would need to be a black background, with White number (and I like the yellow and white lines below the number.) 2. Can we angle the number 8 the other way, so it is leaning towards the back of the ski, instead of the front, and maybe give the number a yellow outline. 3. Can we move the IPD logo to where the Rockstar logo is. And put the Rockstar and LC Engineering logo where the IPD logo is now. 4. Can we put the TM Trucking logo on the hood, in yellow to add the color there. 5. Put the Sea Doo Centre logo big on the side below the beading. (the sea doo centre logo here is the old one, I will email the new one.) 6. Fast Powersport Logo on the side front. (see in emailed example) 7. and We need to fit the SDC Shark logo somewhere not too sure where.   Additions: All the logos: TM Trucking New Sea doo centre Fast Powersport LC Engineering SDC Shark   Add more yellow in to the graphics
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