New Graphics Kit: Kawasaki 800SXR EF Design

Kawasaki 800SXR Graphic Kit - EF Design

IPD Graphics promised our customers new jet ski graphics kits for the Fall, and we are extremely excited to announce the first new jet ski decal for our Fall line. After hours of design work and input from top industry riders we have created the GK-EF-SXR. This new Kawasaki 800SXR jet ski graphic kit will give your ski a high quality, professional look. The kit was design for pro racers Rob Flores and Brian Edwards for their 2011 race boats and looks great on both light and dark colored hulls!

The EF design perfectly reflects the high energy and edgy feel that IPD Graphics stands for. This kit allows customers to show off their style by having a colored number plate and areas to place their favorite logos. This kit was designed to get you noticed by incorporating more color than any other kit we have available. Our EF design for the Kawasaki 800SXR has the most surface area coverage of any of our graphics kits. So if you have a 800SXR thats a beat up or ragged, this is the kit for you.

As always, our jet ski graphics kits are 100% customizable and made to order. Feel free to use our submission forms online to request a picture sample of how one of our kits would look on your ski. IPD Graphics prides ourselves on superior customer service, so if you have a question dont hesitate to give us a ring.

See Details and Pricing for this Kit: GK-EF-SXR

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