New Number Plate Kit: Yamaha FZR IPD RR Design

Attention all Yamaha FZR riders out there: IPD Graphics has just released a great new product for you! We are proud to announce the addition of the IPD RR Design Number Plate Kit for the Yamaha FZR to our newly updated line of number plate. The FZR number plate kit joins the Superjet and Waveblaster in our line of Yamaha number plate kits we have recently made available for purchase.

The IPD RR Design Number Plate Kit was designed to compliment the curves and lines of the Yamaha FZR. This number plate has many customizable choices such as plate accents, outlines, race numbers, and name options. Choose from a vast selection of colors and plate styles to personalize your ski. With all these options, you can give your Yamaha FZR a clean, high-performance, race-inspired without the high cost of a full Yamaha FZR decal kit.

Head over to the IPD Graphics website or Facebook Fan Page to view all of our new number plates and graphics kits. Browse our galleries to see live photos of our jet ski graphic kits installed and race-ready.

See details and pricing for these kits:  [FZR Number Plates Kits]


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