New Graphic Kits for the Squarenose Superjet

Its an oldie, but its still a goodie! The Yamaha Squarenose Superjet has been around for over 20 years, but it can still be seen out on the water and on the race circuit. IPD Graphics is extremely excited to announce the addition of Yamaha Squarenose Superjet graphic kits to our website! These high performance, race-inspired jet ski graphics kits are a affordable way to give your Gen 1 Yamaha Superjet a sleek new finish.

We designed these jet ski decal kits around the lines and style of the Yamaha Square-Nose Superjet to give the ski the cleanest and fastest look and feel possible. Our team of graphic designers crafted these  new graphic kits to give any Squarenose Superjet a modern and new image.

Head over to the IPD Graphics website or Facebook Fan Page to check out all the new kits and options available for all of our lines of personal watercraft graphic kits. We are constantly adding new kits, new lines, and new options so that you can personalize your ski and get it race-ready.

See details and pricing for these kits:  [Square-Nose SuperJet Kits]


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