New Graphics Kit: Hydrospace S4 MD Design

By combining the most popular styling from our most popular jet ski graphic kits, IPD Graphics is pleased to announce the addition of the MD Design Hydrospace S4 jet ski decal kit. The IPD Graphics MD design is our most sharp and edgy design yet. The sharp pointed varying angles, curved accents, and clean cut-outs will make any racer yearn to go hit the water. This design was inspired by high speeds and the rush you feel when you get to the finish line first.

IPD has been busy designing new jet ski graphics, adding new color options, and getting ready for the upcoming race season. Be sure to check out our website to see all the new kits, browse the galleries, and read our blog1s to find out where the IPD Graphics team will be next.

See details and pricing for this kit: GK-14-S4

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